Denver Roof RepairsHarsh weather conditions do a lot to destroy your roof top. Even though new technology has created roofing materials that are extremely weather resistant, not all homes have these new roof systems.

The snow, ice, wind, and hail during wintertime work to degrade the materials of your roof top, and if your roof has seen better days, it could even mean that your roof is more vulnerable to cave ins.

When a roofing system is built, the builder has to conform to certain regulations and requirements set forth by building code authorities in the city or county the home is being constructed. As time moves forward, construction standards have gotten more strenuous with higher standards to meet.

When the roof is older, it may no longer conform to current standards so during replacement you would in general have higher quality materials installed. This means that it may be a good year to replace your roof, especially in light of all the possible tax credits or government incentive programs available for homeowners. But if not, you’ll need to make sure your roof will last much longer.

Maintaining a clean roof is important in increasing your roof’s lifetime of service. Debris, tree branches, dirt, algae, mold, all play a part in wearing down the shingles and other parts of your roof. When the cold weather brings rain or snow or hail, the already damaged roof is even more vulnerable.

Roof Maintenance Professional Services

Severe Weather Roofing & Restoration, LLC is your professional, local roof maintenance company. We have seen a lot of roofs in our Denver area that need maintenance in order to avoid costly repairs due to weather problems.

Either way you look at it, it’s best to make roof maintenance a part of your regular routine for your home repairs. Otherwise you are asking for trouble by waiting. It’s better to get it done than to wait and end up with more damages in the future. Just call our professionals at Severe Weather Roofing & Restoration, LLC if you would like to set up a maintenance plan.

Do I Need Roof Maintenance Services?

If you want to avoid replacing your whole roof, roof maintenance is going to be very important for you. With even just one side of a shingle coming loose, the air can blow up under it and cause many shingles to break away. Exposed nail holes or cracks in shingles will allow moisture in and can build up mold or mildew in your attic space.

Once a problem starts for your roof, it needs to be handled right away before more damage is done. Repairing it soon will keep you from suffering with additional repairs. Snow and ice need to be removed if they start to build up on your roof, and you need a professional roofing contractor to assess whether or not a hole or other problem in your roof caused the ice to build up.

Ice dams form along roof edges for several reasons, one of which is cracks or holes in your roof area that shouldn’t be there. The air flow will cause the snow to melt down into ice which accumulates along the egde.

While snow and ice are beautiful, especially in the form ice sickles or ice waterfalls, they are not good for your roof.